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Job at BCRCD

Employees are our greatest asset. Recognizing, investing and valuing knowledge, innovation and work, encouraging individuality as well as teamwork, along with dynamic creative and successful people are the basis of our success.

Our greatest values

People are our greatest asset, and we base our success on creative, dynamic and professional employees whose knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm are the key to BCRCD's success.

We value teamwork, respect and trust, we encourage excellence and focus on results, and in return we offer business challenges, a dynamic work environment and the opportunity for professional and personal growth and development of each employee. BCRCD provides its employees with the opportunity to realize all their potential individually and as a team.

We assign a key role to employees who, thanks to their knowledge and skills, can make the organization recognizable. It is our wish that our employees fully realize their potential, continuously learn and improve, and contribute to the development of the organization with newly acquired knowledge and skills. Knowledge and ability are the most valued resource that BCRCD possesses.

There are currently no open positions at BCRCD

Although there are currently no open positions in BCRCD, feel free to contact us with an open application and resume, which we will definitely consider for the next recruitment

Contact us and become a volunteer

BCRCD is extremely proud to work with volunteers, for whom we are continuously looking. If you are interested in volunteering through BCRCD activities and projects, send your inquiry through the contact form and we will be happy to get back to you.

BCRCD as employer

We are an employer that builds a culture of trust, passion, excellence, creativity and focus on the satisfaction of our users.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and the desire for constant improvement are the key values ​​of BCRCD. Community-oriented activities, investment in employees, good cooperation with partners, constant improvement of services and development of projects are just some of the evidence that supports this claim.

Respect and trust are nurtured in the domain of interpersonal relations, and teamwork based on honest dialogue and transparency in work is encouraged and supported in every work task and environment because it forms a solid basis for continuous progress.

BCRCD is a place where our employees feel "at home", but also a place where they can contribute to the growth and development of the organization.

Employee development

BCRCD offers additional opportunities to those who are determined and eager to develop their professional skills. There are three key goals for the development of professional and organizational skills: enable employees to continue developing in their professional field and progress in their careers; keep pace with constant environmental and organizational changes and support the strategic directions of the organization's development in all domains of human resources management, creating additional value for our users and employees.

Through personal development planning, we recognize and support individuals who have achieved significant results in their past work and whose development potential indicates further opportunities for advancement and career development.

Do you want to become part of the BCRCD team as an employee or volunteer? Contact us via the following contact form: