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A two-day education was held as part of the project "Returning flavors through social entrepreneurship".

1. June 2021.Categories: BCRCD activities EU projects Moira Laheza
Održana dvodnevna edukacija u sklopu projekta „Vraćanje okusima kroz društveno poduzetništvo“

The first in a series of educations, as part of the project "Returning tastes through social entrepreneurship" on the topic of social entrepreneurship, was held on May 27 and 28, 2021. The educational workshop, entitled "Social entrepreneur?" was organized by Moir Lahez's company in cooperation with project partners Bjelovar Technology Park, Bjelovar-Bilogor County and Bjelovar Center for the Development of Civil Society.

The educational workshop covered topics related to forms of entrepreneurship, the main differences between traditional and social entrepreneurship, the main characteristics of social entrepreneurship, examples of social entrepreneurship from the country and the world. During the training, the participants, under the guidance of the managers from the Bjelovar Technology Park, created their own fictitious social enterprises and thus gained an insight into the development and operation of social enterprises using concrete examples.

On the last day of the educational workshops, participants were handed certificates for successful participation in the workshops. The project foresees three more educational workshops in the coming period.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, and the content of this publication is the sole responsibility of Moira Laheza company.

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