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The company Ured 4 You opens a restaurant in Bjelovar according to social and entrepreneurial principles

21. December 2020.Categories: Ured 4 You
Poduzeće Ured 4 You otvara restoran u Bjelovaru prema društveno-poduzetničkim načelima

Ured 4 You is a company that implements an EU project called Food 4 You, and the main goal of the project is to strengthen the business of social entrepreneurs. As part of the project, a catering establishment will be opened, the business of which will be based on social and entrepreneurial principles. The total value of the project is HRK 1,125,841.91, and Bjelovar-Bilogora County and Bjelovar Technology Park are participating as project partners. Through the project, the capacities of at least three associations, one cooperative, one trading company, five employed and ten unemployed persons will be strengthened.

Today, on Monday, December 21, an online initial conference of the project was held, where project manager Željko Pavleković and assistant project manager Anita Filipović presented the project to the public.

What is social entrepreneurship?

This type of entrepreneurship aims at the simultaneous achievement of social, economic and environmental goals and business for the benefit of the community. Social entrepreneurship is a sector that is not sufficiently developed in the Republic of Croatia, mainly due to the lack of financial capital, but also the lack of business skills of social entrepreneurs, insufficient information of entrepreneurs and citizens about the concept and purpose of social entrepreneurship.

Through the project, Office 4 You will re-register the business of the company and transfer it to a social enterprise, as well as acquire the necessary professional and business knowledge about social entrepreneurship. A catering facility will be opened, the business of which will also be based on social-entrepreneurial principles. 

Opening of a restaurant

Restoran Ura koji će se otvoriti u sklopu projekta Food 4 You, will be located at Vladimira Nazora 22 in Bjelovar, and the opening is planned for the spring of 2021. This will also mean securing new jobs, and in addition, there will be the possibility of practical classes for young people with a three-year education under a specially adapted program with the aim of community development. It is important to emphasize that, in addition to the regular offer in the restaurant, the newly opened catering facility will provide daily meal preparation and delivery in the area of ​​Bjelovar and the surrounding area.

Community welfare

A special part of the project is planned for the preparation of meals for pensioners, which will be delivered to their home address. From the total number of meals sold to pensioners, 10% will be donated to pensioners with lower financial status.

Project activities will enable those interested to learn more about social entrepreneurship and all the advantages that this form of entrepreneurship enables.

- I am looking forward to the fact that we have successfully submitted a project that lasts 30 months. During this period, we will start a social-entrepreneurial activity and generate income that will ensure the survival of the company. We will provide new jobs and increase awareness of social entrepreneurship, which I believe is extremely important for the well-being of the community. Our team consists of hard-working and hardworking people and I have no doubts at all about the success of this project - said project manager Željko Pavleković.

Details and news about the opening of the restaurant will be published on the official website of the Bjelovar Center for the Development of Civil Society, and on the official Facebook profile of the mentioned organization.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, and the content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the company Ured 4 You.

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