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Moira Laheza and Ured 4 You at workshops organized by the National Foundation

14. October 2020.Categories: EU projects Moira Laheza Ured 4 You
Moira Laheza i Ured 4 You na radionicama u organizaciji Nacionale zaklade

For the second day in a row, employees of Moira Laheza and Office 4 You participate in workshops organized by the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society, which are held in Terme Jezerčica.

The workshops were organized as part of the call "Strengthening the business of social entrepreneurs - phase I." through which the employees of Moira Laheza and Office 4 You started the implementation of project activities financed from EU funds. The goal of the workshops is to strengthen the capacity of project proposal holders in the process of implementing project activities.

We would like to remind you that BCRCD's partner companies, Office 4 You and Moira Laheza, received the Financing Decision for 2 new EU projects with a total value of more than HRK 2.3 million last month. These are project activities related to the implementation of the development of social entrepreneurship activities in the area of ​​Bjelovar-Bilogora County.

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