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A new round of employment

5. October 2020.Categories: EU projects Ured 4 You
Novi krug zapošljavanja

BCRCD's partner company, Ured 4 You, has announced a recruitment for the following open position:


The above-mentioned position was opened as part of a new EU project, the holder of which is Ured 4 You. The competition is open until October 31, 2020.

We invite all those interested to apply for the competition and thus take the first step towards working in Office 4 You.

2 thoughts on “Novi krug zapošljavanja
  • Snježana Majdandžić

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    My name is Snježana Majdandžić from Veliki Trojstva, I have been unemployed for a little longer than three months. I have been looking for a job, I have looked at all the tenders, visited companies from Bjelin, Koestlin, Dukat, but no one has a need for workers for now. I am contacting you if you know what kind of competition or demand for workers.
    Best regards,
    Snježana Majdandžić

    • ivan.srebrenovic

      Dear Sir or Madam, the vacancy for a job at Office 4 You is still valid and you can send your application and CV. Details related to the open position can be found at the link in the article.

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