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Decision on financing for 2 new EU projects

10. September 2020.Categories: EU projects
Donesena Odluka o financiranju za 2 nova EU projekta

BCRCD's partner companies, Ured 4 You and Moira Laheza, today received the Decision on financing for 2 new EU projects with a total value of more than HRK 2.3 million.

It refers to the Decision made by the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy as the 1st level Management Body in the process of selecting projects within the framework of the open permanent Call for Grants, "Strengthening the Business of Social Entrepreneurs - Phase I." (UP. of the total amount of HRK 100,010,000.00.

The company Ured 4 You received a decision on the financing of the "FOOD 4 YOU" project in the amount of HRK 1,125,841.91 with a 0% rate of own co-financing. The partners in the mentioned project are Bjelovar - Bilogora County and Technology Park Bjelovar.

Moira Laheza company received a decision to finance the project "Returning tastes through social entrepreneurship" in the amount of HRK 1,187,007.95 with a self-financing rate of 0%. The partners in the mentioned project are the Bjelovar - Bilogora County, the Bjelovar Technology Park and the Bjelovar Center for the Development of Civil Society.

Contract signings and many project activities will soon follow.

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