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24. June 2020.Categories: EU projects Services
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Today's turbulent and dynamic business environment is an integral part of the business of all legal entities, be they from the profit or non-profit sector. The constant need to adapt and adopt new solutions in order to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding market, and by better positioning, requires continuous monitoring of modern trends, integration of IT solutions, investment in visibility and promotion, and finding alternative sources of financing. 

Aware of the market needs, and their knowledge and experience, Moira Laheza and BCRCD decided to make a leap into the market and offer a package of services from the area through joint action.

– consulting for the development and implementation of national and EU projects,  

– WEB design,  

– graphic design and  

– IT support.   

Aware of our strategic advantage, which is manifested through 15 years of experience and a professional team, we believe that we can offer high-quality services in response to the increasingly demanding needs of the market. 

Our expertise, professionalism and expertise have already been recognized by others, and thus we have become recognizable partners and collaborators in numerous previous projects, having acquired enough knowledge and experience in finding the best solutions for our partners. 

Accordingly, Moira Laheza and BCRCD present a package of services aimed at potential partners, which you can learn more about on our website., via promotional flyer or directly to one of our contacts, where our professional staff will provide you with all the additional information because, 

Your success is our success! 

Contact information 


phone: +385 (0)43 246 259 

address: Vladimira Nazora 22, 43000 Bjelovar 

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